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TH0165 Temperature/Humidity Data Logger

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  • Specification


    Our team set out to create a portable two-in-one temperature and humidity data logger with real-time display without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. Not only did we manage to create a portable data logger, we created an extension sensor for difficult situations. The sensor replaces two separate tools a hygrometer and a thermometer. Many on the market portable data loggers record data but to access the information recorded you will need to have access to a computer to actually see the results. Perfect Prime’s TH0165 Temperature/Humidity data logger lets you see the results as soon as you record the data with a built in display screen. So if you are on the go or at home you are still able to monitor your surrounding air/environment. Our team also made it one of their prioritizes to not use any harmful chemicals or anything that may cause any inconvenience in replacing. The data logger is self-calibrating with no moving parts, can be exposed to different environments without losing accuracy and if you use the data logger on the go, a warning light will show in advance if power is running low to ensure the product is user-friendly.

    • Specification

      • Temp measurement range: - 40°C to 125°C 
      • Humidity measurement range:  0 to 100%RH 
      • Record 21,000 temperature and humidity counts simultaneously
      • Temp measurement accuracy:  ±0.3°C @25°C
      • Temperature display resolution: 0.1°C 
      • Humidity measurement accuracy:  ±2 % RH @25°C 
      • Humidity display resolution: 0.1% RH
      • Operate/Storage temperature: - 40 to 105°C
      • ​Support Both °C and °F Units
      • Alarm display if user defined maximum/minimum values are exceeded 
      • Selectable measure Interval: 1 second to 24 hours 
      • Battery: 3V, AAA x 2 (not included)
      • LCD Display Indication 
      • Download collected data through PC’s USB interface 
      • Software version for: Window 98/2000/XP/7/8/Vista/Win10 
      • Analysis software used to view graph created from the recorded data 
      • Dew point indication via Windows control software 


      Download User Manual (Eng) 


      Download User Manual (Jap) 


      Download Software (TH0165 & TH1165)








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